Public Participation


Top Reasons Why Shrewsbury Should Implement Public Participation at all Open Meetings

Public participation and collaboration may enhance local government’s effectiveness, expand its range of options, improve the quality of its decisions, and enlist the problem-solving capacities of the general public. The community should have an opportunity to comment to the Boards & Committees in town on issues that affect them and are within the scope of the Board & Committee’s responsibilities. Therefore the Boards & Committees need to set aside a period of time at each meeting to hear from the public.


Open Meeting Law Guide and Educational Materials Commonwealth of Massachusetts AGO January 2018

“Although public participation is entirely within the chair’s discretion, the Attorney General encourages public bodies to allow as much public participation as time permits.”



PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – a person may speak for no more than two (2) minutes on any items appearing on the agenda

WORCESTER MA – Guide to Participation in Public Meetings

Can I ask a question or comment? – A public comment period is generally provided during each meeting. The public are encouraged to sign in with the staff. Once called upon to speak by the
Chairperson the member of the public should begin by announcing their name and city/town of residence and reference which agenda item they wish to address.

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