Nutritional Excellence

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates


The foundation of the Nutritarian diet is expressed by my health equation, H=N/C


Simply put, the quality of your Health is determined by the amount and diversity of Nutrients that exist in the Calories you consume. When you consume a diet that is nutrient dense, you earn a proportionately better quality of life in your later years.

Dr. Fuhrman developed the ANDI (Aggregated Nutrient Density Index) scale to rank foods based on their nurient density per calorie. Cruciferous greens such as kale, collards, and mustard greens top the index with nutrient density scores of 1,000, while cola drinks are at the botton, with a score of 1.




Reviews the dangers of popular diets, the damage that inevitably occurs from trying fad “diets” or those that merely reduce calories. Instead of trying to eat healthfully, learn how to prefer healthy food and remove cravings and overeating behavior, once and for all. This book is pivotal for those with past dietary failure, trying to beat food addictions and emotional overeating.

The book outlines Dr. Fuhrman’s nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating style, centered around his scientific-based knowledge that when the ratio of nutrients-to-calories is high, fat melts away, and health is restored.

This is a book that will let you live longer, reduce your need for medications and improve your health dramatically. It is a book that will change the way you want to eat, but most important of all, if you follow the Eat to Live diet, you will lose weight faster than you ever thought possible.

THE END OF HEART DISEASE – NY Times bestseller Book

Offers a detailed plan to prevent and reverse heart disease without drugs. The Nutritarian diet is a nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating style that promotes sustainable weight loss, reversal of disease, and enhanced longevity.

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