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  — 2020 —

Rep Hannah Kane Facebook Post on Letter to MDPH on Flu Vaccine Mandate 082620

House Republican Letter to MDPH on Flu Vaccine Mandate 082520 – “We [House Republicans] write to express our concerns regarding the recently announced influenza vaccination mandate for students in the Commonwealth.  We have heard from hundreds of concerned families in our districts that felt troubled by this sudden announcement.  The process by which this mandate came about is shrouded in confusion, and we hope that EOHHS, DPH, and the Baker-Polito Administration can provide insight into this decision.”

  — 2019 —

Joint Committee on Public Health Hearing for Vaccine Bills 120319

Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.3999  An Act relative to vaccinations and public health Andres X. Vargas
H.4096  An Act promoting community immunity Paul J. Donato
S.2359  An Act promoting community immunity Rebecca L. Rausch


Highwire with Del Bigtree – weekly show

High above the circus of mainstream media spin, death-defying talk without the safety net of corporate influence… this is HIGH WIRE. Del Bigtree is a man with allegiance to no one and nothing but the truth. As an Emmy Award winning producer on the CBS talk show The Doctors, Del uncovered a story of corruption so morally bankrupt and profound that it destroyed his politics, his trust in medical science, and his belief in the mainstream media establishment that refused to allow him to do his job. Now Del is on a quest to find answers to the questions everyone else is afraid to ask.

Highwire – Watch Episodes

Mandatory Vaccine Policies violate Informed Consent

Vaccine Mandates Results Don’t Safeguard Children’s Rights or Health: How Did We Get Here?

American Academy of Pediatrics – Elimination of non-medical vaccine exemptions ranked top priority at Annual Leadership Forum

Health Choice

Health Choice Massachusetts

Immunity & Vaccines

Immunity: The Emerging Truth

‘Immunity’ for Vaccine Companies (aka Big Pharma)

Vaccine Manufacturers are the only companies immune from being sued.

In 1982, big drug companies blackmailed Congress by threatening to stop selling vaccines in America unless a law was passed giving them complete immunity from prosecution.

Passed by Congress, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 act created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system. It provides compensation to people found to be injured by certain vaccines.   The act acknowledged that vaccine injuries and deaths are real and that the vaccine injured and their families should be financially supported and that vaccine safety protections were needed in the mass vaccination system.  The Act eliminated manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects.

Nobody is Held Accountable for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

But what happens if a vaccine given to a child without the parent’s consent ends up injuring or killing a child? Is anyone accountable?

No. Nobody is liable in a court of law to be tried before a jury of our peers when our children and grandchildren are injured or die after getting vaccinated – not the drug companies that made the vaccines; not the federal health officials, who licensed and recommend the vaccines; not the doctor or medical worker, who gave the vaccines; and not the state politician, who voted for vaccine mandates or looked the other way while state health officials added another new vaccine to the required list.

Nobody is held accountable or liable when a child is injured or killed by vaccines in America except the parent of that child, whose informed consent rights may have been violated by fellow citizens wielding power they should never have been given.

Vaccine Injury Compensation

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded nearly $3.6 billion dollars to vaccine victims for their vaccine injuries

By 2016, the U.S. Court of Claims had awarded nearly $3.6 billion dollars to vaccine victims for their vaccine injuries, although two out of three applicants have been denied compensation.

NVICP Vaccine Injury Table

U.S. Supreme Court cites vaccines are “Unavoidably Unsafe” and shields drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines

On February 22, 2011, he U.S. Supreme Court granted pharmaceutical industry total immunity from lawsuits—even if they could have made a vaccine less harmful—because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”

Vaccine Ingredients

Children’s Health Defense -Toxic Vaccine Ingredients: The Devil is in the Details

CDC – Vaccine Ingredients – Fact Sheet

CDC – Vaccine Ingredients sorted by Vaccine

Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

Aluminum – Institutional Inertia: Is Enough Being Done to Protect Children from Aluminum Toxicity?

Vaccines & Lack of Safety Testing

Children’s Health Defense – Countering False Vaccine Safety Claims

Vaccine Manufacturers & FDA Regulators Caught Hiding Risks of HPV Vaccines

INFORMED CONSENT ACTION NETWORK – VACCINE SAFETY – Introduction to Vaccine Safety Science & Policy in the United States


Herd/Community Immunity Myth

Children’s Health Defense – Herd Immunity: A False Rationale for Vaccine Mandates

“Herd Immunity”? A dishonest marketing gimmick

Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

If only half of America is properly vaccinated, where are the epidemics?

The Deadly Impossibility Of Herd Immunity Through Vaccination, by Dr. Russell Blaylock

Vaccine Ineffectiveness

The Vaccine Science is Unsettled

Did vaccines save humanity?

Vaccine Failure

  • “Primary vaccine failure” is the failure of the vaccine to confer immunity
  • “Secondary vaccine failure” is the waning effect of vaccine-conferred immunity

Officials deny lack of vaccinations caused whooping cough outbreak in Los Angeles

Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed: Children Who Are Unvaccinated Are Extremely Healthy

If the CDC were to ever conduct a long-range wide-scale health outcome study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, the entire vaccine industry would come to a crashing halt.

Vaccines & Autoimmune Disease

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

Vaccines & Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurological Disorders

International scientists have found autism’s cause. What will Americans do?

Mental Health Problems—The Sad “New Normal” on College Campuses

Vaccines & the Spreading of the Vaccine-Strain Disease


Vaccines & the Immunocompromised

What about the Immunocompromised?

Vaccines & Fetal DNA


Big Pharma’s Capture of Regulatory Agencies such as the FDA & CDC and Mainstream/Social Media

Captured agencies operate essentially as advocates for the industries they regulate abrogating their duty to act in the public’s interest.

Vaccine Coverage in Mainstream Media—Variations on a Theme of Propaganda

How to Immunize Yourself Against Vaccine Propaganda

The Fox Owns the Henhouse—When Public Safety is Governed by Private Profit

Rubber Stamping—The FDA and Vaccines—Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health: Part IV

The Medical Journals’ Sell-Out—Getting Paid to Play

Examples of Pharma-Captured Pro-vaccine Media Articles and Pharma-Captured Government Legislators:

Videos that expose the capture of our regulatory agencies by Big Pharma:

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) – 02/27/19 Meeting – Public Comment to the ACIP which is a Pharma-Captured committee

HPV Vaccine Issues

Court Hears Gardasil Science and Moves Forward

Measles Vaccine Issues

CDC Lies About, and Media Repeats, Risk of Dying from Measles

What Is Going On With Measles? The Science and Politics of Eradicating Measles

Measles Madness: Dr. Brian Hooker’s Statement to WA Legislators

Hepatitis B Vaccine Issues

CDC’s Recommendation for Hepatitis B Vaccination in Infants. Are There More Risks Than Benefits?

CDC’s Infant Hep B Vaccine Recommendations—No Proof of Safety?

Vaccines & Cancer

The Virus and the Vaccine: A simian virus known as SV40 has been associated with a number of rare human cancers. This same virus contaminated the polio vaccine administered to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963

The Disturbing Increase in Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults

Vaccines & SIDS


“People Vaccinate out of Fear
People Refuse to Vaccinate out of Knowledge”

“All the things that I do are bent on forcing this debate out into the open—because once the science is in the open, the CDC’s position is so fragile, it’s an edifice of fraud, fraud stacked upon fraud, so high and so wobbly, that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it. It’s not only Congress that won’t investigate, and the regulatory agencies have been captured, the courts and the lawyers that would normally apply that scrutiny have been removed by the Vaccine Act.  And the press has been compromised. And it’s not just the mainstream corporate media, but also the so-called alternative media like Huffington Post. Daniel Schulman wrote in the Columbia …Journalism Review that for journalists this is radioactive, that this is a career-ending controversy. So reporters won’t touch it, they’re really scared of it. Doctors won’t come out. Doctors lose their licenses if they talk about this.  What we need is sunlight. If you put a little sunlight on this controversy, the whole thing’s going to fall apart. We’re going to beat these people. I feel this, and I’ve spent my life working on energy issues, environmental issues, and global warming, but I’ve taken a hiatus to do just this issue because I cannot stand by and watch these children being poisoned—an entire generation of kids that is being poisoned now by government policies and greed. We’re going to take them on and beat them.”
-Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Every person of common sense and observation must know that it is not the welfare of the children that causes the vaccinators to preach their doctrines and to incur the expense of lobbying for vaccination statutes. …And if anyone says to the contrary, he either does not know the facts, or he has no regard for the truth.”  The same judge also wrote presciently about the self-interest of the medical profession and vaccine manufacturers—“the class that reap a golden harvest from vaccination and the diseases caused by it.”
– North Dakota judge in 1919





Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements 2018-2019

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) – Healthy People 2020 – Immunization and Infectious Diseases Goals

CDC – Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older, United States, 2018


“Western medicine tends to separate the parts of the human body into isolated units, as if they did not belong to something whole. Some malfunction of the heart or the elbow is treated as if it were a discrete segment, unaffected by the rest, with which something has gone wrong that needs to be fixed. The doctor is the professional expert who is called in to do the fixing, and he learns how to do this not through his own experience of his own body but by reading books and cutting up corpses. Then to further complicate things, Western psychology separated the mind from the body and treats them as if they also had almost no relation to each other, holding that their ideal relationship is mind over matter. Western thinking in general, supported by Western religion, describes human beings as separate and distinct from Nature and the rest of the animals on earth, with permission to dominate.”
– Vicki Noble, in Shakti Woman


09/17/17 – Del speaking live from the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut sponsored by Health Choice Connecticut

September 2018 – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. talks Vaccines at the Autism Education Summit



09/11/20 – Mandatory flu vaccine opposed by Massachusetts Republicans, including Bridgewater and Raynham’s Rep. D’Emilia

08/28/20 – Charlie Baker’s flu shot mandate arbitrary, unwarranted

08/27/20 – UMass Medical School announces participation and enrollment for vaccine trial candidate against COVID-19

03/03/20 – Maine voters uphold new law tightening school vaccination requirements

01/11/20 – Local schools, state bill focus on ‘anti-vaxxers’

01/14/20 – Battle over mandatory vaccinations in Massachusetts brewing on Beacon Hill

12/17/19 – Don’t take away religious exemption for vaccines: Focus on non-coercive efforts to promote vaccinations

12/03/19 – Parents, legislators debate ending vaccine exemption at packed State House

12/03/19 – Bellingham Rep. Soter questions timing of vaccine bills

12/03/19 – Exemption, standards bills stir debate over vaccinations

12/03/19 – Lawmakers consider limiting vaccine exemptions

12/03/19 – Massachusetts vaccination bills prompt outcry in public hearing

12/03/19 – Lawmakers mull decision to strike religious exemptions from vaccination law

10/25/19 – Lawmakers Consider How To Curb ‘Hot Spots’ Of Low Vaccination Rates

10/21/19 – Boston Globe Editorial: Eliminate nonmedical exemptions to vaccines, and strengthen data collection

06/25/19 – Northampton Council resolves to oust religious exemptions to vaccinations

06/17/19 – Boston Globe Editorial: Abolish the religious exemption to vaccination

06/17/19 – BU Alum’s Bill Would Remove Commonwealth’s Religious Exemption from Vaccination

06/10/19 – Mass. lawmaker faces antivaccine backlash over his bill to scrap religious exemption

06/03/19 – Ban sought on non-medical vaccine exemptions

05/30/19 – BU Ethicist on Measles Outbreak: Getting Vaccinated Is “a Religious Obligation”

05/13/19 – Mass. Medical Society Calls For An End To Religious Vaccine Exemptions For Schoolkids

05/13/19 – Physicians want to end vaccine exemptions

05/03/19 – Uptick of hope in battle against Lyme disease

04/19/19 – Why Aren’t Parents Getting Their Children Vaccinated?

04/03/19 – Heightened concern about measles in Massachusetts

02/08/19 – Boston Globe Editorial: Vaccine rejections based on religious exemptions are rising sharply in Massachusetts

12/30/18 – Mandatory flu shots for kids? Health officials consider policy ahead of flu season

10/26/18 – With computer pledge, Worcester schools push for flu shots

10/16/18 – Worcester excluding unvaccinated students from school

09/26/17 – Nurses fighting mandatory flu vaccinations sue Brigham and Women’s

07/11/16 – Adult Immunization Rates are Targeted through Standing Orders

08/08/15 – Bill would allow Mass. parents to opt children out of required vaccines

06/03/15 – Parents, doctors debate merits of mandatory vaccination

09/25/14 – Brigham and Women’s nurses sue over flu shot mandate

07/16/14 – Hospitals miss goal for worker flu shots

10/10/07 – Despite vaccine, meningitis takes teen’s life Strain of bacterial disease kills immunized Bentley freshman


Big Pharma has captured the media (thru advertisement revenue), congress (thru financial donations), and medical schools (thru research funding).

12/04/19 – Boston Globe Editorial: Lawmakers should heed science, not anti-vaccine activists

05/11/19 – This doctor posted online in favor of immunization

02/08/19 – BOSTON GLOBE EDITORIAL: Vaccine rejections based on religious exemptions are rising sharply in Massachusetts

02/21/17 – Doctors increasing HPV vaccination efforts for teens

01/21/15 – Pediatrician on need for vaccinations: ‘I go home at night and worry about children who are not protected’


11/15/18 – Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

10/11/18 – HPV: The Biggest Battle is Being Fought Right Now

07/08/18 – Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution by U.S. Stuns World Health Officials

03/12/18 – Judge dismisses nurses’ suit challenging Brigham and Women’s vaccination policy

02/28/18 – Real History and Truths behind the Vaccine Safety Movement (FB Post)

02/28/18 – Could the Flu Shot Make You Depressed?

02/06/18 – Pasteur vs Béchamp: The Germ Theory Debate

01/26/18 – The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines

01/25/18 – Treating a Fever Without Meds

01/11/18 – An Ancient Virus May Have Given Humans the Ability to Form Memories

01/09/18 – Germs May Confer Significant Health Benefits, Research Suggests

11/28/17 – Study Finds “Some of the Highest Values for Aluminium in Human Brain Tissue Yet Recorded” in Brains of Autistic Patients

10/26/17 – Nurses Continue to be Justified in Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots

10/01/17 – Viruses May Be Harmful, Helpful, or Passengers

09/14/17 – Devastating Flu Vaccine-Miscarriage Study Sparks Ridiculous Spin

09/08/17 – Profound Implications of the Virome for Human Health and Autoimmunity

08/15/17 – Natural Autoimmunity: Friend or Foe?

04/16/17 – Why The Only Thing Influenza May Kill Is Germ Theory

12/20/16 – Medical Doctors Concerned We Are Giving America’s Children Too Many Vaccines Too Soon

09/10/16 – Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

04/10/16 – Do Vaccines Cause Cancer?

02/02/16 – Genetic Dark Matter, Return of the Goddess, and the Post-Science Era

08/15/15 – How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy

05/02/15 – Kelly Brogan MD: The New Gardasil: Is It Right For Your Daughter?

03/08/15 – The CDC’s Role in Undoing Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group

02/01/15 – Gandhi’s Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

09/03/14 – Non-Intervention Child Wellness



11/10/20 – Anthony Fauci: The Two Faces of America’s Favorite Doctor

10/14/20 – CDC – Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – Comorbidities

Comorbidities – Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

10/11/20 – Meet the Press


Yeah, well, society should be able to have things like schooling that get a priority versus certain more entertainment-related things. And I guess, you know, politicians will show what their value system is there. The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis. That is where we can finally start taking all the problems that have been created, in education, mental health and start to build back in a positive way.”

09/11/20 – Community and Close Contact Exposures Associated with COVID-19 Among Symptomatic Adults ≥18 Years in 11 Outpatient Health Care Facilities – United States, July 2020

From the CDC, those who get sick with COVID-19:

    • ALWAYS wear a mask = 70.6%
    • NEVER wear a mask = 3.9%

“Reported use of cloth face covering or mask 14 days before illness onset (missing = 2)

    • Never 6 (3.9)
    • Rarely 6 (3.9)
    • Sometimes 11 (7.2)
    • Often 22 (14.4)
    • Always 108 (70.6)”

09/10/20 – CDC – COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios

Based on the below IFR, here are the survival rates of this virus per the CDC.

    • 0-19: 99.997%
    • 20-49: 99.98%
    • 50-69: 99.5%
    • 70 & over: 94.6%

“Scenario 5:

    • Parameter values for disease severity, viral transmissibility, and pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic disease transmission that represent the best estimate, based on the latest surveillance data and scientific knowledge.  Parameter values are based on data received by CDC through August 8, 2020.”
Parameter Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate
R0* 2.0 4.0 2.5
Infection Fatality Ratio 0-19 years: 0.00002
20-49 years: 0.00007
50-69 years: 0.0025
70+ years: 0.028
0-19 years: 0.0001
20-49 years: 0.0003
50-69 years: 0.010
70+ years: 0.093
0-19 years: 0.00003
20-49 years: 0.0002
50-69 years: 0.005
70+ years: 0.054

07/24/20 – If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?

03/24/20 – CDC – New ICD code introduced for COVID-19 deaths

“Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause?

The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID19 being the underlying cause more often than not.

“Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?

COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II.”

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