Flame Retardants


Toxic flame retardants are linked to cancer, nervous system damage, decreased fertility, and other health problems. Unfortunately, they don’t stay in the products, they leach out and contaminate house dust and our bodies. When the products burn, the flame retardants turn into toxic fumes which harm firefighters. The good news is that they are completely unnecessary for fire safety!  Chemical industry lobbyists will be working hard to keep this from becoming law so your support is critical to protecting children and firefighters.

The Chemical Companies said that flame retardant chemicals were protecting us, but they are not.  Flame Retardants are causing more hazards to us.   The science shows that the chemicals actually don’t work to prevent or slow fires, but instead create a harmful, poisonous smoke.

H.5024 An Act to protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful flame retardants

  • Bans 10 toxic flame retardants in children’s products and household furniture


01/11/19 – Charlie Baker vetoes bill to protect kids and firefighters from toxic flame retardants

01/11/19 – Governor Baker vetoes ban on flame retardants

01/08/19 – Firefighters lead push to ban carcinogenic chemicals

01/04/19 – Firefighters, child health advocates applaud bill to ban potentially toxic flame retardants

12/29/18 – A victory for our health! Mass. House votes to ban toxic flame retardants

06/22/18 – MA Senate Passes Bill To Ban Toxic Flame Retardants


08/15/18 – Worse Than Lead? Special Investigation: The chemical industry strikes again, shifting from lead to flame retardants that also sicken and kill

09/20/17 – Will federal safety panel ban toxic flame retardants in household products?

“These chemicals are robbing our children and grandchildren of critical human potential,” said Thomas Zoeller, a biologist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who has shown how flame retardants and other halogens interfere with hormones during early brain development. “While these effects might not be visible on the faces our children, they are no less important to them individually or to our society.”

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