The Sustainable City

Dubai has built a sustainable community called “The Sustainable City”, consisting of 500 villas. By having a net zero carbon footprint, the city hopes to slow climate change. As well as providing environmental benefits and supporting residents’ wellbeing, the city has many other amazing features. The city sets an excellent example for what other cities can do in the future.

Net Zero Energy: 

  • Subsidies for residence of 10,000 AED who purchase an electric car 
  • Solar panels on homes (function as shade for terrace)
  • Solar panels covering cars in parking lot
  • Well insulated homes
  • UV reflectant pain

Child Friendly:

  • No traffic between villas, cars on outside of community (safe)
  • Easy access to green spaces
  • World class schools that educate about environment 
  • Many children’s activities
  • Many learning opportunities
  • ADHD therapy center

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Gray water lakes and water reuse system, biofilters
  • Many greenhouses
  • 10,000 trees, some producing foods, such as dates
  • Buffer zone (trees surrounding the community to minimize pollution)
  • Bee farm

Wellbeing promotion

  • Plaza with businesses to facilitate convenience 
  • State of the art gym
  • Running, walking and biking trails
  • Sports facilities
  • Pool with great filtration system
  • Alternative Medicine Clinic
  • Access to healthful food
  • Great community
  • Minimized pollutants
  • Equestrian center


  • Residents do not pay for ANY of the amenities offered (gym, school, medicine clinic, ect) due to revenue from rental spaces in the plaza nearby. (Net Zero service charges
  • Employment opportunities for residents
  • Local businesses in plaza
  • Starting at 250,000 USD per villa


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