Solar Power Initiative at UMass Amherst

Solar power is becoming more and more prevalent. The University of Massachusetts has made great efforts to include solar energy on campus. The University has been creative in the way they place and utilize solar power. 

First, the university has installed solar panels in the parking lots. UMass has many parking lots due to the large number of students who bring a car to school. Umass has added car canopies in the parking lots. This is an efficient use of space. UMass has also incorporated a Tesla battery storage system that allows the university to decide when to use the electricity. The Tesla battery storage system saves the school about half a million dollars per year.

The additional solar panels added in 2022 are estimated to generate 4.5 million kWh. In aggregate, all of the renewable energy on campus is expected to amount to 10 million kWh annually. In 2017, the University began by installing 15,000 solar panels throughout the campus. 

The 2017 solar project alone was projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 31,000 tons of carbon dioxide. The solar panels also provide electricity at a discounted rate. The university electric bills are said to be reduced by 6.2 million dollars over the course of 20 years. In addition to the solar panels built over the parking lots, Umass has added solar panels to many buildings on campus as well. Many charges for electric cars were added and partnerships with renewable energy companies were formed. Solar power is also used on campus for heating water to reduce fossil fuels for heating on campus. 

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