Sustainable Infratructure

Sustainable buildings are important to fixing our energy expenditure problem, because 40% of our global energy expenditure is from buildings alone. Globally, architects are trying to incorporate sustainability into their construction. 

The University of Massachusetts has its own collection of sustainable buildings that meet the LEED standards. Some of the buildings with this designation are Blue Wall, Commonwealth Honors College Residential Complex , Football Performance Center, Hampshire Dining Common, Integrative Learning Center, and several more. 

One particularly unique building at UMass that is sustainable is the John W. Olver Design Building. Sustainable features of this building include:

  • Stormwater collection system
  • Sustainable irrigation
  • Open green space
  • chilled beams
  • radiant flooring
  • Artificial lighting is reduced due to maximized natural light (skylights and glazing on windows)
  • high solar reflectance roof to decrease the heat island effect
  • Native and drought-tolerant plants

Here are some photos of the John W. Oliver design building that I took.


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